Dick Grayson Not Dying; Gets New Comic in July


For months readers have worried that Dick Grayson might be the latest Robin to die in comics. The signs were certainly there. He was tortured and had his identity revealed in Forever Evil. And then they cancelled his comic, Nightwing. 

But rest assure Dick lovers, Mr. Grayson is staying in comics


According to USA Today, he is getting a new job - spy with the CIA like organization Spyral  and a new costume:

At the very least, he is getting a wardrobe makeover, courtesy of Grayson artist Mikel Janin: Gone is Grayson’s mask, and his new outfit reflects the blue-and-black color scheme of his Nightwing togs and features a “G” on his chest, reminiscent of the old “R” from his Robin days.

Tim Seeley and Tom King are joining Janin on the book.

Are you excited?

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    The drawing is great, do you think they based him on Jed Hill?
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    Renee’s origin story in 52 was amazing, I absolutely loved her as the Question, and was so pissed when the reboot blew...
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