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  1. seberrett said: Just bring back the podcast!
  2. secondhandcanvas said: the history of hulk smashing……because sometimes there aren’t any words
  3. secondhandcanvas answered: the history of hulk smashing……because sometimes there arent any words
  4. artsmithstudios answered: Cerebus
  5. fieldofclover answered: LGBTIAQ presence in comics! It makes me happy to see a medium so inclusive, and I’d like a rec list for friends :)
  6. ocelottie said: Carol Danvers or Jean Grey
  7. benjaminldaniel answered: Can we get the ENTIRE Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe?
  8. greffyn said: Green arrow or scarlet witch
  9. tomemyxmen said: Cyclops! Daredevil! Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)! She-Hulk! Rogue! Emma Frost! So….. so many.
  10. michael-mcmullen said: Script writing.
  11. musinge answered: The major changes in continuity when Marvel and DC Rebooted
  12. thebritishmonkey answered: A guide on Thor would be interesting to see.
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  14. praise-the-freaks answered: battle of the bands
  15. xben3000 answered: Sonic The Hedgehog or Megaman
  16. isensmith answered: dead pool
  17. tangled-in-art answered: Fables?
  18. jlitwinka answered: Falcon
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  20. newrulesnewlife said: Early indy work from big name creators, like Bendis, Fraction and Hickman
  21. necroticsorcerer answered: Cloak and Dagger!
  22. someblogiusedtoknow answered: Artifacts (The Top Cow: Rebirth version)
  23. telepathickitten said: Wonder Woman
  24. softskelemtongrab answered: Bears
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    Red Lanterns!
  26. deathchrist2000 answered: Grant Morrison, Warren Ellis, and Alan Moore
  27. emokid64 said: Breaking into comics professionally
  28. dreamofelectricsheep said: captain marvel
  29. acceptablyunacceptable answered: x-men
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    The best of submitted indy comics
  31. deemah122 answered: Ultimate Universe
  32. jasonenright answered: Transformers Comics
  33. creepycutegurl answered: more yaoi
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