Every Friday, were going to try to bring you a brief guide on a different comic book character or story, because we all know the world of comics can be a confusing place, and we want to help.

There seems to be a lot of fans of Wonder Woman here on Tumblr, but if you’ve been wanting to find out more about Diana Prince, Themyscira, and The Amazons, we humbly present to you:

A comiXology Guide to Wonder Woman!

Fierce, bold, and confident, Diana, Amazon Warrior Princess of Themyscira, is both feared and respected by the denizens of the DC Universe. 

Wonder Woman’s first appearance came in 1941 within the pages of All Star Comics #8 but her origins really were developed in the early issues of DC’s Sensation Comics. In these classic comics, you see the introduction of some of WW’s best known tools like the Invisible Jet and her Magic Lasso. In May 1942, only 5 months after her first appearance, Wonder Woman was the star of her own solo comic.

If all you want is one must-read example of a great modern take on Wonder Woman, look no further than gailsimone's story, The Circle, which brings the heroine face-to-face with talking gorilla warriors, neo-nazis, and the vulnerability of being powerless.

Finally, the rebooting of the DCU with The New 52 saw the combining of comic legends Brian Azzarello and cliffchiang bringing their much acclaimed talents to the Wonder Woman comics. While the New 52 has seen its share of successes and failures, Wonder Woman has consistently been one of the brightest stars in the new universe.  

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