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Coleman Engle recommends Lumberjanes #1

Lumberjanes is an awesome new series from BOOM! Studios’ new imprint BOOM! Box that showcases the tremendous talents of numerous up and coming women in the industry.

 The story, written by Noelle Stevenson (gingerhaze) and Grace Ellis (ohheygrace) is about a small group of friends and their time at a summer camp for “hardcore lady types”. With this first issue we are introduced to the main members of The Roanoke Cabin: Mal, Molly, April, Ripley and Jo. Out late one night, they come across three-eyed foxes, a cryptic message and an agitated camp counselor…all in a day’s work! While the girls are off getting into trouble, magic and mystery flicker around the panels. It’ll be exciting to see what’s in store for them!

 The artwork is done by Brooke Allen (brookeallen) whose incredible sense of line weight, storytelling and attention to detail make each page a knockout. Allen (who put out a book called A Home For Mr. Easter with NBM, which can be downloaded on comiXology) is no stranger to cartooning, taking inspiration from Blutch, Akira Toriyama, and Jeff Smith and creating her own engaging and stellar worlds.

Adding to the charm of each page are beautiful colors by Maarta Laiho and hand lettering by Aubrey Aiese. The marriage of Allen’s art, Laiho’s colors and Aiese’s bubbly, playful words seems effortless.

 If this first issue is telling of how the series is going to be, we should all be super stoked to see more! Like, SUPER stoked!

[Pick up Lumberjanes #1 here!]

For fans of: comedy, female leads

Coleman Engle is a cartoonist from Virginia currently living in Brooklyn. He works at comiXology as a Digital Editor.

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