So… The Wake #7 comes out tomorrow and honestly if you’re not reading it you’re missing out on one of the most interesting comics out right now. It’s out of a total of 10 issues and the first half ends with one of the best twists ever, so tonight for #LateNightReads I’m re-reading The Wake Part One (which you can pick up for just $8.99). I’ve been describing it to people by saying it’s kinda like Alien but underwater… Also its written by Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy’s art is so perfect for this and as always Matt Hollingsworth kills it on colors. Pretty much the underwater-horror-comic (a genre I think I just made up) trifecta. 

Also if you’re at all into the Aquatic Ape Theory (mentioned in the gif up there) this is quite an.. interesting take on it. This Ted Talk talks about it also and is pretty neat. 

[Check out the comic here]

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