Hey Corps!: Posting this so hopefully you can all signal boost on behalf of those of us flying in to Seattle who will be without wheels. :)  I called the concierge at my hotel this morning to ask about transportation to the Museum of Flight from downtown; here are some options:

- Taxi: It’s about a 10 minute cab ride from downtown, which they estimated would probably be about a $20 fare.

- Bus: They estimated it’s a 25 min. bus ride. Base fare is $2.25. There are a few bus lines that go down Marginal Way past the museum, but it looks like Line 124 is a good bet. If you’re staying at a hotel downtown, it leaves from 3rd. Av. and Virginia downtown and goes right past the museum; the stop you want to get off at is East Marginal Way S & S 94th Pl.

Here’s the Seattle/King Co. Metro Trip planner, too. So you can map it exactly depending on where you’re at.

Hope that helps everyone!  

Really wish more than anything that we (and by that I mean MEEEE) could be there!

<3 u carol corps

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