Indian Comic Con 2014 Travelog: Day 0 

Ivan here! A little weary from nearly 24 hours of traveling but still excited because tomorrow starts up comiXology’s 1st Indian Comic Con! Started the day flying from LA to Newark where I ran into thrillbent's Mark Waid. Then started our second (longer) leg of the journey - jetting across the atlantic! We were asked to lower our window shades because as the captain put it “We'll be flying into the sun…” to which I immediately thought “YOU FOOL THE SHADES WILL DO NOTHING!”

We eventually touched down in New Delhi narrowly avoiding a lighting storm that at 40K ft. was equally beautiful and terrifying. Then once Indian Customs made sure Mark and I were no threats to national security we were whisked off by our Indian Comic Con colleagues who were waiting for us with signs.

Tomorrow starts the real thing!

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