Here’s what newbies and nostalgia addicts can expect from our stellar Love & Rockets releases - ON SALE TODAY!: 

Thrill to the misadventures of MAGGIE THE MECHANIC!

  • See Maggie the mechanic fix fidgety robots and rickety rockets, and battle boys and brontosauruses on an exotic island in revolt! There’s always something going on to write the punks at home about. 
  • Read Jaime’s turning point story “100 Rooms”, which blends the early comics’ sci-fi psychedelia with the heartbreaking love story between best friends forever, Maggie and Hopey. 
  • Meet the rest of the locas in Maggie’s life in her haunted home town of Hoppers, from punk rock nogoodniks to a horny-headed millionaire’s wannabe superhero wife.

Swoon to the sensational soap opera in PALOMAR!

  • Meet the many denizens of a tiny Latin American town “where men are men and women need a sense of humor!” Legends and ghost stories abound, but none are so intriguing as the simmering passions of the living!
  • Marvel at the magnificently proportioned Luba, queen of women! Who is she? Where is she from? What does she want? And What’s up with that hammer?
  • Sensitive readers may wish to read Gilbert’s classic chiller “Duck Feet” under the covers, as even supernatural forces and serial killers are no match for the terrifying tempers of the town’s ladies!

…but nothing will prepare you for NEW STORIES #5!

  • comiXology is proud to present the latest installment of the venerable series that Rolling Stone has called “American fiction’s best-kept secret”! We wouldn’t want to spoil any of the surprises in this powerful volume of all-new material, but the ladies of Love & Rockets are joined by several new faces — we just hope they survive the deepening, darkening curses and crimes that beset their home towns.

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