We just sent the final issue of Locke & Key to the printer. The series that started with the above page 1 from issue 1 of Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft in 2007 is now a wrap.

Sure, there’ll be other one-shots and other L&K-related things to come—and the hardcover collection of Alpha & Omega will be out early in the new year—but the story involving the present-day Locke family has come to an end. All that remains now, and it’s a big thing, is getting the issue to all of you and seeing what everyone thinks.

But our part, at least, is done. Been an amazing, gratifying ride, doing this alongside Joe, Gabriel, Jay, and Robbie, all of whom have worked on every single issue of the series (and Gabriel and Jay’s streak extends back much further than that, too). Especially the way our L&K family has grown along the way to include Izzy Skelton, Shane Leonard, Christina Terry, Jason Ciaramella, Charles Paul Wilson III, Ralph DiBernardo, and so many others.

So when will you see Alpha #2? It was solicited for October, and since this is the next-to-last day of October, it’s obviously not quite going to ht that date. We could now rush it into stores in November if we printed it domestically. But for this final issue, we wanted to use our regular printer in Korea, the one who can do so many special things to make our comics really stand out. So that’s what we’re doing. It means waiting just a bit longer, but it’s going to go out on an absolute high note of quality as well as storytelling. And since there’s a nice cardboard slipcase collecting the variant covers for this issue also in the mix, this added production time will mean something that really feels weighty in your hands whether you pick up one copy or the full box.

It’ll feel like a good, long hug goodbye.

Locke & Key: Alpha #2 in all its covers and iterations will be in stores December 18. Thanks for the support, love and patience, everyone.

For the rest of today* if you buy Locke & Key vol. 1 you can get vol. 2 for 50% off! 

*To be eligible for the 50% off Locke & Key Vol. 2 offer, you must purchase Locke & Key Vol. 1 from 10/28/2013 to 10/31/2013 11:59PM EST. You will receive your coupon by email. Coupons can only be redeemed on comiXology.com. Locke & Key Vol. 2 coupon code may take up to 48 hours to be delivered by email.

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    For the rest of today* if you buy Locke & Key vol. 1 you can get vol. 2 for 50% off! *To be eligible for the 50% off...
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