SEX CRIMINALS #2 is still “under review” at Apple. 

This means no iTunes or  tomorrow.

I know  is trying to fight the good fight for us but they, like us, have to wait for Apple to decide we are Acceptable. Ha ha. 

In the meanwhile you can buy SEX CRIMINALS #2 straight from  here

in your preferred format/DRM free.

I speak for 1/2 of team  when I say I hope Apple doesn’t discover SATELLITE SAM #4 weds. or SS #5 next month because holy jeez

While Sex Criminals #2 is still under review at Apple, this fantastic follow up to Fraction and Zdarsky’s hilarious debut will be available for purchase Wednesday(NOW) across the entire comiXology platform with the exception of iOS. So not only can you get it on, and subscribe from, and sync to your iOS device, you can also read via the Kindle and Google Play store! So don’t let this little hiccup stop you from enjoying this great new series!


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    Also this comic is really hot because I could not pick up a copy today, all the shop’s copies went to pull lists. Good...
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    Regardless of content, everyone should read this extremely grounded and realistic (well, time-stopping be damned) take...
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    Picked up Sex Criminals #1 an #2 today. This comic is amazing.
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