When IDW resurrected G.I. Joe for an all-new, all-out insane comic series they brought back the only enemy the Joes ever needed: Cobra Commander! Ruthless, resourceful and often downright terrifying the mantle of “Commander” has been worn by many a mysterious evildoer and this week we’re shining the spotlight on that mirror-plated helmet of evil.

Here’s your reading assignment:

  • G.I. Joe Origins #1 – 5: Originally intended to be THE Cobra Commander by fan-favorite Joe scribe Larry Hama, the character of ‘The Chimera’ was first introduced as an insane stock broker who murdered his family and gathered a militia around him. He was later dropped for the Cobra Council, and while it has not been proven, he is most likely the “Commander” seen in the first Cobra series.
  • G.I. Joe Cobra: When a Joe secret agent infiltrates Cobra to bring them down from within, a web of deceit and betrayal is woven and at it’s center stands the Commander. Here the title belongs to a wealthy and even well known businessman who chooses to remain hidden in the shadows, but when he is forced to play his hand all out war ensues for the venomous organization. Grab the first issue for FREE right now.
  • G.I. Joe: Cobra Civil War: When the Cobra Council seeks to elect a new Commander, their tried and true method of Trial by Combat causes nothing but trouble for the world at large. Many assets of the organization and it’s revered head are revealed in this exciting mini-series that changed what we know about Cobra and paved the way for the current commander and his even more lethal agenda of world wide terror.

 Extra Credit

  • G.I. Joe Cobra Files: While this new series focuses on an elite Joe team dedicated to gathering data on all things Cobra, it does shed some light on the ever-evolving mythos of Cobra, and it’s on sale right now. so it’s definitely worth picking up.  

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