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NUMBER #1!!! And then get all the rest! :D

Okay, I’ll break it down. It looks like Comixology has issues #1-6 on sale for $.99 each today, which is the first arc, and relatively self-contained. There’s not a ton of interaction with the wider Marvel universe, because it’s a time-travel arc, and you get to see Carol’s origin as Ms. Marvel from another side. PLUS! You get to meet the Banshee Squadron and Helen Cobb. This arc is just soooo good and I just… *flails about* Definitely suggested, especially since you can get the whole arc for just six bucks.

The next two issues, #7 & #8 are a two-part arc, where Carol teams up with Monica Rambeau (the former Captain Marvel, and now starring in Mighty Avengers as Photon Spectrum). We also get to meet damsel-in-distress Frank Gianelli, who is a friend/sort-of love interest/possible coworker/hottie drawn for the female gaze. (Also #7 is the issue where Carol PUNCHES A FUCKING SHARK IN THE NOSE!)

#9 is relatively stand-alone. Carol and Jess punch dinosaurs, we meet a few people who are important to Carol but not supers, and it’s generally fun and also sweet. It also starts the lead-up to Enemy Within, where we find out that Carol’s powers are actually killing her. If you want to buy just one issue to see if you like Carol, THIS IS IT.

#10 & #11 are still working toward Enemy Within, and #12 is a direct prequel to the crossover event. The event is comprised of THE ENEMY WITHIN #1, AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #16 & #17, and CAPTAIN MARVEL #13 & 14. I definitely suggest reading them all, and having some tissues nearby. This is the culmination of what’s been building since the end of #9, and it’s amazing and also heartbreaking.

It ALSO leads in the current Marvel-wide event, INFINITY, which is still ongoing. CM #15 is a direct Infinity tie-in, so you will probably need to have a little bit of background on what’s going on to get a lot of it. But it’s still good anyway. Carol’s a bad-ass, basically.

I love this!  

New to Captain Marvel? ShinyKari breaks it down for you. 

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