Just when you thought you were safe from Bandette, writer Paul Tobin got the chance to spill the beans on his experience as a creator behind a series with 4 Eisner nominations. 

1. When were you first inspired to make comics and what book set you on the path to becoming a creator?

Love of creation. The feel of making something from nothing. Probably Love & Rockets set me on the path.

2. If you weren’t making comics right now, what other occupation would you most like to see yourself in?

Jetpack instructor. Godzilla adviser. Cookie inspector. International thief. Layabout.

3. If you could have dinner with any other comic creator living or dead, who would it be and why?

Alex Schomburg (for those Golden Age covers) or Hugo Pratt, for his amazing life / art.

4. If you could GIVE an Eisner award to another creator working today who would it be and why?

Colleen, because of duh. Or Jeff Parker, for putting joy in comics. Or Jeremy Bastian for Cursed Pirate Girl.

5. If you do win, where are you going to keep the award?

Would it be too gaudy as a necklace?

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