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John Constantine, Hellblazer

Everyone has demons. His fight back. 

Get ready for the new TV show and dive into the dark past of the mysterious occult detective - we’ve got Constantine collections on sale all week. 


The Carol Corps at Dragon*Con

Creator of the Week: kellysue & the Carol Corps!


Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock


Elektra Natchios and Matt Murdock

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#MangaMonday: All You Need Is Kill

The manga based off the book that inspired the movie Edge Of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat and a handful of other Manga by Takeshi Obata are on sale in the USA & Canada only.



by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Francesco Francavilla
Lettering by Jack Morelli - Coming from Archie Comics on July 23rd.

Here’s finally a full preview at our AFTERLIFE WITH ARCHIE #6, the issue that will make everyone aware that this is not simply a “zombie” book :)
This was easily one of the most FUN book I’ve drawn, and one I am the most proud of - can’t wait for you guys to dig in. It’s RObert and mine love letter to all things LOVECRAFT : you’ll see :)

Head over to CBR where this preview debuted for more preview pages from the creepy new series SABRINA (out in October, by Roberto and Robert Hack) and some commentary from Roberto himself about what’s coming next.


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Hello! THE WICKED + THE DIVINE 5 is out this week, bringing our first arc to a close. Here is a preview. 

As well as our regular cover, there is a fantastic variant by Becky Cloonan. 

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To kick off our comiXology Creator of the Week kellysue party, we’re giving you Captain Marvel (2014-) #1 for 50% off when you head over to this page and use the code DANVERS

The latest run on the character that helped put KSD on the map see’s Captain Marvel leave the planet that she has always protected to take her services as an Avenger to distant reaches of the universe. 

Marvel Monday: Ghost Rider by Daniel Way & Jason Aaron

Superstar writer Jason Aaron’s searing take on the Spirit of Vengeance finds Johnny Blaze facing off against the forces of heaven itself in an epic saga that sends Ghost Rider down a blazing new road! When the rogue angel Zadkiel tries taking over the world’ Ghost Riders—that’s right, there’s more than one!—Blaze and his flame-headed alter ego are in for the fight of their lives! Featuring the return of the OTHER Ghost Rider, Danny Ketch, in a team-up you never imagined and a showdown that had to happen! Plus, Daniel Way takes Ghost Rider through some of the more hellish places in Marvel Universe - and ends up in the middle of World War Hulk!

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