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Mike Isenberg recommends 100th Anniversary Special: Avengers #1

Batman just celebrated his 75th anniversary.  Superman’s 75th was just a few months ago.  Not to be outdone, however, Marvel is now celebrating 100 years of Marvel comics!

Wait… that… doesn’t seem right.  2014 minus 1961… umm.  No that’s more like 53 years.  Maybe they mean Marvel’s predecessor, Timely Comics.  Let’s see, Timely debuted in… 1939.  Huh.

Okay, so Marvel as we know it still has 57 years before it can actually celebrate it’s 100 year anniversary.  As it turns out, though, these 100th Anniversary Special books that Marvel is releasing are from the future!

Marvel’s 100th Anniversary Specials are a series of one-shot glimpses into the Marvel Universe of the 2060’s.  Marvel has given some incredible talent free rein to let their imagination go wild, and the results are as fun, strange, and unexpected as… well, as Marvel announcing a 100th anniversary celebration in 2014.

The creator tapped for 100th Anniversary Special: Avengers #1 is none other than James Stokoe, the amazing talent behind Orc StainSullivan’s Sluggers, and Wonton Soup.  (Check out my colleague Jen’s great write-up of Wonton Soup here.)

Stokoe imagines 2063 as a rough year for the Avengers.  They’ve just barely halted an alien invasion, most of the world is in ruins and covered with alien spores, and the entire American continent (along with most of its heroes) has been lost into the Negative Zone.  Rogue, Doctor Strange, and Beta Ray Bill have returned to Avengers headquarters, re-located in Kuala Lumpur, to assist with the reconstruction effort when a new enemy emerges from the depths.

The book is strange and funny and gorgeously illustrated, all in Stokoe’s distinctively twisted style.  The setting of spore-covered Kuala Lumpur is a visual treat, full of hidden details and beautiful weirdness.

I’m always excited whenever Marvel lets talented indie creators really go wild with their characters (see also: Strange Tales and Strange Tales II), and Stokoe has absolutely pulled out all the stops here.  My only complaint is that there isn’t more.  I’m willing to wait for the next issue, though, even if it won’t happen for another 49 years…

[Read 100th Anniversary Special: Avengers #1 Here!]

Mike Isenberg is an Associate Production Coordinator at comiXology, and the co-writer of FIRST LAW OF MAD SCIENCE.  He lives in Harlem with his cats, TESLA AND EDISON


We couldn’t wait any longer so we started our imagecomics SDCC Sale a day before the con even starts!


East of West by Jonathan Hickman & nickdragotta
Lazarus by ruckawriter & Michael Lark
Nowhere Men by Eric Stephenson & fetorpse
Pretty Deadly by kellysue & steinerfrommars
Rat Queens by kurtiswiebe & johnnyrocwell
Saga by Brian K Vaughan & fionastaples
Sex Criminals by mattfractionblog & zdarsky
The Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman & nickpitarra
Zero by aleskot & jordiecolorsthings

(Plus a whole lot of other people)

Oh and by the way… these are all DRM-free now!

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ComiXology’s Countdown To The Eisners!

The Eisner Awards are tonight! We’re continuing our celebration of some of comics’ best creators by putting them into the worlds that they created. 

I could literally go on and on about kellysue, steinerfrommars, and jordiecolorsthings and how amazing Pretty Deadly is, but I think the comic speaks for itself. 

Go pick up Pretty Deadly (currently on sale for 99¢ an issue!) and follow us for all your Eisner Award and Comic-Con news!

(Art by Kate Kasenow!)


San Diego Comic-Con 2014 Cosplay Gallery - Day One

Images by Victor Perez 


Today’s 45¢ comic is the incredible Love & Rockets: New Stories #1. 

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393 | SDCC Day 1

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Kara and Matt are at San Diego Comic Con! How did Kara’s first day go? How are the pretzels?? Let’s talk Lego booths, Batman statues, Wonder Woman hopes and dreams. What would you want from a weekly comiXology podcast? Tap/click here to let us know in survey form.

We also talked about double-decker booths, Sharknado, and kindly women at conventions. Oh, and how about that time we totally forget to mention that comiXology now offers DRM-Free backups to the community! Biggest news of the convention!

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#SDCC Photo Recap of Day 1!

comixology #SDCC sketch journal #3!

We’re live-tweeting from Comic-Con International 2014 with tons of Con goings-on. Just follow our twitter to see our little corner of SDCC.