Some great sci-fi just waiting to be discovered in our archaiaentertainment Sci-Fi Sale.

OLD CITY BLUES by milonogiannis oh man so good. 

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A poster and labour of love for my favourite on-going comic title right now!

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Gotham Central, “Half a Life”
Written by Greg Rucka, art by Michael Mark, co-created with Ed Brubaker

Quite possibly my favourite two pages in comics. One of the most successful portrayals of the complex intersection between race and queerness. 

We’ve got the entire run of ruckawriter & Michael Lark’s incredible Gotham Central plus some other Gotham-Centric comics on sale for the next week!

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Last Day!


I drew Simon Hanselmann’s Meg Mogg and Owl from Megahex while on our Inkstuds 500 tour. . 


The Saga inspired birthday card I did for my friend b0nnie-bee! I would bet this has been done before but I couldn’t resist…

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Rocketeer commission from Toronto. First time I’ve done something this finished at a con. I spent about half a day at the con, and another 4 hours in the hotel room on this, using pencils, watercolour and gouache.


the ladies and men of S A G A

alana; gwendolyn; hazel; izabel; lying cat; sophie; the stalk

marko; prince robot iv; the will

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