It’s New Comics Day and we are GO on!

(ps: a little book you may have heard of called Hawkeye has a new issue out today.)

(pps: also it’s the finale of the wake, and fatale, and prophet, and if you aren’t reading all three of those you’re making a mistake.)


FANTASTIC FOUR #268 (Sept. 1983)
Art by John Byrne & Glynis Wein

394 | SDCC Final Day (Download MP3iTunes)

Kara and Matt pretty much hung out with the Avengers cast at SDCC, not going to lie to you. OK maybe we didn’t but we do talk about George R.R. Martin's signing, Coulson walking by, DRM-free backups, and our favorite moments. 

We also talked about Kelly Sue, Superman capes, Hebrew National hot dogs, and hot wings. What would you want from a weekly comiXology podcast? Tap/click here to let us know in survey form.

By Kara and Matt



We couldn’t wait any longer so we started our imagecomics SDCC Sale a day before the con even starts!


East of West by Jonathan Hickman & nickdragotta
Lazarus by ruckawriter & Michael Lark
Nowhere Men by Eric Stephenson & fetorpse
Pretty Deadly by kellysue & steinerfrommars
Rat Queens by kurtiswiebe & johnnyrocwell
Saga by Brian K Vaughan & fionastaples
Sex Criminals by mattfractionblog & zdarsky
The Manhattan Projects by Jonathan Hickman & nickpitarra
Zero by aleskot & jordiecolorsthings

(Plus a whole lot of other people)

Oh and by the way… these are all DRM-free now!

This sale ends tonight!! Get on it if you haven’t already!

The con is over and we are on our way back home to sleep forever.

We will continue our regularly scheduled programming on Tuesday.

Thanks for all the fun everyone!

comixology #sdcc crew

The crossover of my dreams in the making? kellysue!!

The #SDCC comixology crew with the legendary George RR Martin #besties