Perfect macabre comedic gold.

This weekend we’ve got Uncanny X-Force Vol. 1 for just $2.99.

One of the best Deadpool comics of all time! Remender absolutely kills it. Pun Intended.


The Wicked + The Divine #03.
Art by Jamie McKelvie.


The Wicked + The Divine #03.

Art by Jamie McKelvie.

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Here’s a little fact for you all- this is a prologue - made especially as a little taster treat before we hit with issue 1. These pages won’t actually be in issue 1 - so here they are in all their glory .

Say hello to your next favorite comic.





Weekend Hack/Slash sale for all y’all horror freaks out there!

YO YO YO YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here you go people. A perfect opportunity to sample the greatness that is Hack/Slash.

This is what Hack/Slash is about

I suggest you start with My First Maniac 1-4 as it’s kind of an introduction/origin to the badass Cassie Hack.
It only has the stuff from Image Comics on there though. There’s loads more comics published by Devil’s Due Publishing.
Thank youuuu towritecomicsonherarms


GOTHAM ACADEMY interview with me is up on The Mary Sue! Plus new exclusive art from Karl Kerschl, and two variant covers by me! :D WOO! GET PSYCHED!!!